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Want to plan a CHEFA event? Check out our complete event policy but basically, just find another non-related CHEFA parent to co-host and email all the details to , at least two weeks before the event.

Here’s a checklist of all the info we need in order to announce your event to the membership:

Eblast Info Checklist:

  • Who: (Class or age group invited, ‘all ages’ welcome, etc)
  • What: (Description of the event)
  • Where: (Member home, public place, Locan)
  • When: (Date and time)
  • How much: (Cost)
  • RSVP: (Contact information, is RSVP necessary to attend?, is payment due prior to the event?, etc.)
  • Parents: (Two confirmed non-related parents need to be listed on eblast)
  • Include the statementCHEFA conduct and dress code applies 

(You may also include a copyright-free image to be included with your eblast)

Other Eblast Info:

  • We can not eblast ‘Save the Dates’. Please send in all required info with your request.
  • Your event will be announced, via an email ‘eblast’, to the appropriate age group/class after we have received your info and OK’d the event on the next available ‘eblast’ date
  • We’ll put it on the CHEFA calendar, the CHEFA Facebook page, and the website activity page/blog.
  • It will be included on a ‘what’s happening this week’ eblast that will be sent to the entire membership the week of the event. 
  • Your text will probably be the text you see in the emails so please include any niceties you want to be used (please, thank you, it is going to be a great event, etc)
  • A reminder eblast can be scheduled the day before the event. If you want a reminder email sent, please include the date and time you would like it re-sent and we will pre-schedule it to go out again.
  • As a general rule, emails are only sent out once a day during the week. Friday is when the ‘what’s happening email’ is sent out.
  • 2021-2022 Specific: The communication for the next week is scheduled Friday mornings so all requests (and text/images) need to be in by Friday mornings at 8am.

After your event has been announced:

  • The week before your event (or sooner, if you need to verify membership and collect money), please contact and ask for a list of CHEFA registered students for your group.
  • Please do not allow non-CHEFA students to attend or receive group discounts. 
  • Make sure you have a copy of the CHEFA code of conduct and dress on hand at your event.
  • Have fun and know that we really appreciate you planning a CHEFA event!!!

Go read our complete event policy!

-The CHEFA Board