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First Steps In Private Home Education

​Pray: As you gather information and advice, don’t forget to include God in your decision-making process. Knowledge is great, but knowledge with wisdom is much better. Ask God to give you His wisdom as you read, as you decide about legal protection and enrollment options, and as you research curricula.

​Read: Read the information on the website under “private homeschooling.”  Join CHEFA by contacting our New Homeschooler’s Director Elizabeth Hiett at More information on joining CHEFA is on our “Membership” page.


We also highly recommend reading An Introduction to Home Education. You can buy a copy of this helpful manual that deals specifically with home education in California by going to the CHEA website or you can borrow it from the Fresno Evangelical Church Library.

Legal Protection: Home educators in California have enjoyed considerable freedom educating their children. However, the legal climate in California can vary from school district to school district and could change statewide at any time. We highly recommend you join HSLDA.

School Enrollment Options: Most home educators in California enroll their children in a home education school that has been established by the filing of a private school affidavit with the county Office of Education. Below are three different options for enrolling your children.

     PSSP (Private School Satellite Program): These are private schools which have been established by a home schooling family, as stated above. In addition, they have met other requirements for administrating a private school and are allowing other families to enroll in their private school. You will be responsible for purchasing your own curriculum (none of these schools provide it), and you will be teaching your child(ren) in your own home. The school will provide support, record keeping, and some socialization opportunities such as park days, field trips, holiday parties, etc. Most of these schools charge tuition to cover such costs as newsletters, insurance and record keeping services. (This PSSP is not to be confused with the public school independent study program ISP.) For a list of open Fresno area PSSP’s click here.

     Support Group: This is a group of families who have each filed their own private school affidavit and keep their own records, but still desire to get together occasionally for organized activities. These are usually smaller groups and charge little or no tuition. For a list of Fresno area support groups, click here.

     Individual Private School: To do this, you will need to file your own private school affidavit and keep records that are required by the state. If you choose this option, An Introduction to Home Education (available from CHEA) has all the information you need about how to begin your private home school.

​Choose Your Curriculum: There are several resources available to help you determine what curriculum will work best for your family. Go to our Links page where you will find many new and used curriculum sources.

Search for Great Books on

​Other Home Schoolers: Ask questions and brainstorm with others.

​Get Connected: As a member of CHEFA, take advantage of the plethora of events and activities available to your family. These include: a youth fellowship for 7th through 12th graders, high school graduation ceremony, fine arts faire, classes, parties, school pictures, sports days, picnics, Senior trips and activities, a yearbook, monthly newsletter, and much more. Do not be a lone ranger homeschooler! Connecting with others who share your homeschool journey will make the path much easier to follow!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5