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As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization/corporation, established to serve the Christian private homeschooling community, CHEFA has set the following requirements for its subgroups:

·        All subgroups must have a board, which shall include a minimum of president, treasurer, and​  secretary positions.

  • President: will oversee the daily needs of the subgroup and hold ‘board’ meetings for​ the subgroup. He/she will be required to attend or appoint one of the subgroup’s board members to attend the once a semester CHEFA Board Meetings when called to do so. He/she must be updated on the financial standing of the subgroup he/she oversees.
  • Treasurer: will handle the monies both income and expenses, keep the checkbook up​ to date, work directly with the CHEFA Treasurer on a monthly basis, reporting immediately any account errors or changes to passwords. They will send in monthly financial overview or spreadsheet, which will include all money transactions and allocation of what “chart of account” that money went towards. The treasurer of each subgroup will be responsible for sending out donation receipts to each sponsor. 
  • Secretary: will keep minutes of all subgroups meetings and send the minutes to the​ CHEFA Secretary when minutes are finalized (within 5 days of approval).

·        All subgroups will submit potential new board members to CHEFA Board for approval. The Board will approve or deny the potential member within one week (7 days) after submission. 

·        All subgroups must enforce and uphold CHEFA’s standards as listed in the Membership Manual (Membership Manual here)

·        All subgroups are required to attend a CHEFA board meeting once per semester. (see President’s job requirements)

·        All subgroups will be required to submit a list of its student participants to CHEFA Board by the start of that group’s year. If any students join after the start date, they must be current CHEFA members and their name given to the Board. (Glow! – September 1; Robotics – mid-November)

·        All subgroups must have CHEFA or Christian Home Educators of the Fresno Area must be listed in their name (eg. CHEFA’s Glow! Theater Co. & CHEFA’s Robotics Team 3303 Metallic Thunder.) CHEFA must be included on your Facebook, Slack, Social Media page, and Websites.

 ·        All subgroups will submit a financial report by the 2nd Thursday of each month to the

CHEFA Treasurer (Glow!: Quickbooks and email/text when completed; Robotics: spreadsheet and email/text when completed) for the previous month (eg: September’s transactions/postings/reconciliation must be submitted by the 2​nd Thursday of October)

·        All debit card purchases must be reported to the subgroup’s treasurer in receipt format, via the approved method within 24 hours after purchase. (i.e. online purchase digital receipt saved as a pdf and emailed to subgroup treasurer; email confirmation/receipt of purchase forwarded to the subgroup treasurer, or a photo of the receipt for in-person purchase texted to subgroup treasurer.) If debit cardholder fails to submit receipts three times, card privileges will be revoked.       

·        All receipts must be turned in with a reimbursement form to the subgroup’s treasurer to receive a reimbursement. At NO time will reimbursement be made without a receipt.

·        All forms and receipts, including donations, fundraising, equipment purchased, MUST be turned in, either electronically (via Dropbox) or as a hard copy to the CHEFA Treasurer by the 2nd Thursday in August. .

·        All subgroups must submit an “Inventory List” to the CHEFA Treasurer, at the end of each fiscal year. This will need to include anything over a $10 value but does not need to include consumables (eg: paper plates, cups, food, etc) 

Please note: All equipment, materials, costumes, sets, tools, robot(s), etc. that each subgroup “owns” belongs to CHEFA, if purchased by subgroup or donated to subgroup. 

Please contact​ with any questions you may have,​   

The CHEFA Board