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  • Student safety is the top priority! 
  • A 2 full weeks notice is required for all events.
  • Locan Use Clarification: There is no charge for CHEFA members to use Locan for CHEFA only events, as long as they abide by cleaning requirements.

Types of events:

CHEFA ‘large’ closed event – more than 40 students (ie. Chefa Youth events, Sports Saturdays)

  • Event for registered CHEFA students only
  • 2 non-related CHEFA adults must be present (additional chaperones needs at a rate of 1/10 over 40 students)
  • Drop-offs OK (for grades 5th +, and at the discretion of the organizer) 
  • Code of Conduct and Dress applies
  • Event agenda needed for approval (activities and areas covered by chaperones must be listed. List of committed chaperones with roles (money, cleanup, etc,) and contact info must also be listed along with RSVP info (contact, time, cost)

If you don’t follow the CHEFA event policy, you may not host another event.

CHEFA ‘small’ closed event – less than 40 students 

  • Class events, interest group meetings (like yearbook), etc.
  • Event for registered CHEFA students only
  • 2 non-related CHEFA adults present (names and phone numbers on eblast for commitment)
  • Drop-offs OK at the discretion of the organizer
  • Need one male and one female chaperone for swim party
  • Code of Conduct and Dress applies (this includes swim events)

CHEFA field trip, ‘meet-up,’ community service, or public place event

  • Special rates and activities apply to CHEFA members only
  • Must have 2 (minimum) non-related CHEFA adults present
  • Highly encourage a parent to attend depending on the event (eg: k-6 field trip to the zoo a parent needs to go to watch their student(s)

If you have questions please contact a Board Member for clarification. 

CHEFA Family / ‘Invite’ events(ie. Fall Kick off, Ice Cream Monday, etc.)

  • Family including non-CHEFA children, grandparents, etc.
  • ‘Invite’ to be determined, based on the event: Friends interested in and eligible for CHEFA membership Initiated/run solely by the Board 
  • Non-chaperoned 

Locan Facility Agreement events (not ‘CHEFA’ event) 

  • No alcohol is permitted.  Dancing and music are allowed
  • $2 per attendee (Maximum $250) (eg. graduation, birthday party, wedding, family reunion, etc.)
  • Additional $50 open / closing fee (keys will not be given out)
  • Not covered under CHEFA liability
  • The agreement form will be signed by those using facility (this agreement includes that your event will be cleaned up by you, a check-off cleaning list is provided and a Board member will check and okay when you can leave)
  • This event will not be eBlasted

CHEFA Spring Formal Plus 1 Policy

A (current registered) CHEFA highschool student that has bought a ticket for the Spring Formal may bring a friend, as a +1, to the Spring Formal event.

The +1 attendant must meet all qualifications and adhere to the guidelines listed below.

  • 1. Only one +1 per attending highschool student.
  • 2. The +1 is considered a friend, CHEFA is a non dating organization (No PDA)
  • 3. The +1 attendant must currently be in highschool (or 18 and under)
  • 4. The +1 Attendant will pay for a full ticket price plus 25% of the full ticket price (because they are not a CHEFA member. Their family may join CHEFA for the current school year to receive the lower ticket prices)
  • 5. The +1 attendant must adhere to all CHEFA guidelines, including dresscode and conduct.

As of 1/22/2020