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Student Leadership Award

What is It?

The CHEFA Student Leadership Award (CSLA) is a way to encourage and recognize servant leadership among our student body. High school-age students can participate in the organization and coordination of CHEFA events.

Any student who has completed the requirements for their grade level will receive a certificate and a commendation from the CHEFA board.

Why is it being offered?

  • Instead of simply being an attendee at events, students can gain valuable experience and further develop essential skills such as communications, event planning, public speaking, team leadership, and other people skills that are highly valued regardless of the career and life path a student aspires to.
  • It is a way for students to have a voice regarding the types of events that CHEFA sponsors but also have a direct influence on the way they are run.
  • It provides an option to enhance a student’s resume and parents could even choose to include the program as an elective on their student’s transcript.

Who can participate?

The CSLA program is open to all CHEFA students in their freshman year or higher. Applications are open until January 31st, 2024. You do not need to wait until that date to start helping; you can get started as soon as you receive a confirmation from the CSLA coordinator. Late applications are accepted at the discretion of the CSLA coordinator.

More detailed information is available here (log in required)